One of the frustrations of the restaurant business are the weather forecasters.

All they have to do is whisper the word snow, and the reservations begin to vanish.

It doesn't matter if the weather-guessers are right or wrong.

In a clever promo, Fred Kellermann, chef/owner of (the appropriately named) Elements Cafe in Haddon Heights, wants to pay his customers if they're right on Saturday, Feb. 21.

Right now, the forecast is for 3 to 5 inches of snow.

Kellermann says if it indeed snows, he will pay patrons $2 an inch for every person at the table. If you're in party of four and the snowfall is 5 inches, he will send you with a gift certificate for $40 for your next dinner.

Kellermann is capping the offer at $50 - still generous - and he says the deal is null and void if the State of New Jersey calls a state of emergency that closes the roads.

The snowfall measurement will be determined by National Weather Service in Mount Holly.

UPDATE: The snowfall was 4.7 inches. Kellermann rounded up to 5, so the promotion worked out to be $2 an inch times 5 inches.