Josh Kim has permits and drawings in hand, and he says that about five weeks' construction is about to commence on the storefront version of SpOt Burgers, as it matures from award-winning street cart to a fixed location at 2821 W. Girard Ave. in Brewerytown.

Kim is bullish on this emerging slice of North Philadelphia, hoping that other food businesses set up around him and other newcomers, such as Rybrew, Sarah's Place, and Crime & Punishment, as well as Butter's Soul Food, which recently moved up the street from SpOt's future home.

Rather than fear that the pie will be carved up by competitors, he says more customers would mean "our pie gets bigger."

Kim kept the design work in the family as his brother Sam's firm, Ambit Architecture, got the job. Among Ambit's projects are Stock, the Philly Bagel stores, (Chestnut Street and South Street), and Dos Tacos.

His restaurant menu is somewhat more ambitious than the one on his cart. Among the offerings will be his new creation known as The Jawn, which layers ribeye, sloppy joe, fries, whiz, red onion, grilled onion, and SpOt sauce - all for $9.

The SpOt cart, which has been appearing nowadays with greater infrequency at 33rd and Arch Streets on the Drexel campus, will have new life in the catering realm, as it will be run during catering jobs by Jin Jang, who owns the Kami food truck.