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Starr's next project: Brooklyn-based BBQ in Fishtown

Starr is said to be importing Fette Sau, the toast of Williamsburg.

Stephen Starr has been eager to do barbecue in Philly.

Rather than do it himself, I hear that he has lined up Fette Sau, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, BBQ destination whose lines down Metropolitan Avenue are almost as legendary as its dry-rub bacon, brisket, and ribs.

The spot: 1204-08 Frankford Ave. in Fishtown, next door to his Frankford Hall. The frontage is now guarded by an almost solid fence, but through a small opening you can see the makings of what appears to be a house, tucked in about 50 feet. I hear that the Fette Sau location will resemble a shanty, down to a banging screen door. (Say it "fetteh-zow"; means "fat pig" in German.)

Fette Sau's Joe Carroll's name appears on the liquor license app.

No one affiliated with the project is talking. Timeline seems to point to fall.

Fette Sau will be right at home, as ol' homie Barcade is on Frankford, across Girard.

In other Fishtown BBQ news, there's been no recent update on Bubba's Texas BBQ, supposedly opening around the corner, on Girard Avenue near Front Street.