Aimee Olexy and Bryan Sikora of Talula's Table in Kennett Square have run into balky bankers, so their ambitious plan for a large restaurant across the street has been scaled back.

Olexy and Sikora -- who got on the map through the Queen Village bistro Django, which they later sold -- had signed a contingency deal on the corner property at 101 Main St., with an adjacent property at 108 Union St.

Olexy says they spent much on preliminary work but could not rustle up a loan for the kind of business they wanted to create.

When the contingency expired at the end of last month, the building owner put a "for rent" sign in the window.

Olexy says they've retreated to the idea of a more modest restaurant, perhaps only using the corner. They hope to be able to get loan approvals before the space is leased to someone else.

Talula's is still going strong, she says, as a gourmet shop/cafe with its private fixed-price dinners.