The Wayne Hotel closed July 6 for an extensive renovation, and now the owner says the landmark Restaurant Taquet will not return when the hotel reopens in late August.

Taquet, which chef-owner Jean-Francois Taquet relocated from the Radnor Racquet Club to the historic hotel in 1992, was the height of brass-button Main Line dining.

Taquet moved to New Zealand about 10 years ago and put the place in the hands of talented chefs including Abde Dahrouch, Youness Jaafar and Clark Gilbert. Earlier this year, Taquet said he was selling the restaurant, but a sale was not completed.

Charles Czworkowski, director of administration for building owner S. W. Bajus Ltd., says Bajus learned earlier this week that Taquet had decided not to renew the lease after several months of negotiations.

The renovations would have expanded Taquet's bistro and bar area, a must in this economic climate. "We're sorry to see it go," said Czworkowski, who is seeking a new tenant. Taquet did not return an e-mail message.