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The Making of The Fat Ham, Part 10: Testing...

Food industry insiders taste the food.

Kevin Sbraga of Sbraga restaurant on South Broad Street is planning his second restaurant, The Fat Ham, at 3131 Walnut St. in The Left Bank in University City.

In Part 1, he let us in on a design meeting for the space, which he hopes to open in November.

In Part 2, the rubber hits the road as he and his associates went on a road trip to explore Southern cuisine.

In Part 3, Sbraga and company meet the press.

In Part 4, construction starts on the space.

In Part 5, Sbraga and crew test recipes.

In Part 6, Sbraga hires staff.

In Part 7, the lights go in.

In Part 8, the countdown to opening.

In Part 9, a round of health inspections.

Part 10: Putting The Fat Ham to the test.

Monday, Dec. 2 dawned, and The Fat Ham's dining room was set up for its first real test: an invitation-only gathering of food industry types: chefs, owners and managers. They will walk in and sit down. No menus.

It's more of a test for the kitchen. Chef Aaron Gottesman and sous chef Gabe Alcaraz will, over the course of eight hours, turn out dish after dish and send them out to the dining room.

Tuesday, Dec. 3 and Wednesday, Dec. 4 will be more formal tests. Friends-and-family nights will be sit-down mock services.

If all goes to plan, Friday, Dec. 6 is opening day.

See the opening menu here.