Tommy Up and Sarah Brown of PYT and Emmanuelle have launched the Yachtsman (1444 Frankford Ave., 267-251-3234), a retro tiki bar in Fishtown.

Chris Thomas and Greg Charnock, who designed Pizza Brain, have enlisted artists including Pedro Ospina (who fashioned a Moai-like head out of the plastic bed of a truck) and Nick Bader. They based the place's look on a fictional yachtsman.

"It's a tiki interpretation of Pee-wee's Playhouse," Thomas said. The bar is made of thatched grass and reclaimed wood.

Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal are running the bar, whose menu is studded with goofy drink names (Zombie Punch, Bird of Paradise Fizz, LA Florida Daiquiri No. 3 and Aurora Bora Borealis).

Signature drink is a Caribe Welcome Coconut, served in a fresh, cored-out coconut ($15). A snack menu will begin when - as Up puts it - he gets around to it.