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There's less of Matt Stairs

The former Phillie tells how he shed 30 pounds (actually, 37 pounds) on NutriSystem.

Phillies fans who cheered Matt Stairs for a season and a half saw less of him over the last few days when he and his new team, the San Diego Padres, were in town.

That's "less of him" because Stairs, 42, lost 37 pounds during the offseason with NutriSystem. "I thought I was too light, so I put seven back on," Stairs told me.

Phils manager Charlie Manuel, another NutriSystem client, hooked him up with the Horsham company. He totes his meals on the road and microwaves 'em. And he knows it works.

He visited a local sports bar Sunday night to watch the Flyers game, and whispers went around that he was in the house. But two bar workers, he told me, demanded to see his ID to verify. "People say, 'Yeah, where's the rest of you?' "