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Veggie land!

An alumnus of Horizons off South Street is opening in New Hope. And the downtown vegg-ery from Blue Sage's Mike Jackson has also set an opening date.

Two restaurants do not a trend make, but here are two vegetarian offerings on the way.

Ross Olchvary, who was sous chef and chef de cuisine at Horizons, is hoping for a February opening for a vegan (yes, vegan) BYOB at 450 Union Square Drive in New Hope, near Triumph Brewery's New Hope location. His name is Sprig & Vine.

Thoreau, the vegetarian from Blue Sage chef-owner Mike Jackson under construction at 1033 Spring Garden St. (photo), has set a Feb. 2* opening. He'll remain with Blue Sage (in Southampton, Bucks County), which he still owns with his ex-wife, Holly. He's also going for a liquor license.

Here's a peek at Thoreau's menu:


  1. Plantains Serrano: sweet-crisp plantain tostones with avocado-red lentil roast corn martini

  2. Green Curry Mango Summer Rolls: grilled julienned carrots and parsnips in green curry glaze with fresh mango in rice paper wrapper, served with arugula-ruby red salad, dipping oils

  3. Buffalo Blue Blini: mini buckwheat pancakes, Maytag-mascarpone cream, wild mushrooms in sweet-tangy carrot chile glaze

  4. Macadamia Black Bean Cakes (four) with pineapple-yellow tomato salsa and exotic dipping dots


  1. Fresco: baby spinach in maple mustard vinaigrette, polenta croutons, French feta, pistachios, oven-dried grape tomatoes, grilled treviso, baba ghanoush

  2. Asian-Pacific: avocado, fresh hearts of palm, grapefruit supremes, cashews, wonton croutons, arugula in sesame vinaigrette, green curry pistou

  3. Inverno: watercress, roasted carrots and parsnips, maple pecans, pear walnut vinaigrette, with ricotta salata, matchstick Anjou pears


  1. Falafel (in pressed lavish): smoked red pepper hummus, tomato relish, cucumber yogurt, with baby greens in chile-lime vinaigrette

  2. Blue Corn Asparagus Tacos (three) with manchego, pumpkin seed-red pepper pesto, black bean relish, lime crema

  3. Dagwood Cubano: pressed focaccia encases avocado, cucumber, roasted red pepper, oven-dried grape tomatoes, "Catalina"-style mayo, sharp provolone, served with baby greens in maple mustard vinaigrette.


  1. Cubano Supper: plantain empanadas with sunflower seed-chipotle pesto, yellow tomato-avocado roast corn Napoleon, mango papaya relish, jicama slaw

  2. Poblano: tender roasted red bell pepper filled with grilled eggplant caponata, mild teleggio, pumpkin seed crust, served with tobacco-tempura onion rings, simple tomato cucumber chop salad

  3. Blue Plate: Rosette of purple Okinawa sweet potatoes atop sweet corn gravy, grilled avocado with edamame succotash, brochette of Szechwan-carrot syrup glazed shiitakes

  4. Wild Mushroom Risotto: creamy pumpkin-green apple Arborio rice risotto hides molten basil mascarpone, surrounded by a riot of wild and exotic oyster and shiitake mushrooms in ancho chile marsala broth

  5. Khorma: Indian inspired khorma of red lentils, butternut squash and leeks in mild house curry., topped with mango papaya relish and savory corn hush puppies

  6. Tamarind Peanut Noodles: soba noodles, grilled asparagus, chopped peanuts and many herbs in sweet-spicy tamirand-kaffir lime broth, topped with tatsoi-white asparagus salad

    * opening date updated