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Tiffin getting into the pizza biz

The well-regarded Indian restaurant on Girard Avenue is taking over the pizzeria next door.

Here's a neat mash-up: Tiffin, the Indian eatery near Seventh and Girard, is getting into the pizza business. Owner Munish Narula is taking over what was Star Pizza right next door (at 712 W. Girard) to do what he calls "something fun."

The menu will have about eight different specialty pizzas with Indian cuisine-inspired toppings such as tandoori chicken, paneer and green chilies and tandoori vegetables. He and his crew are experimenting. The eatery also will serve kati rolls, which in their basic form begins with a paratha with a layer of egg on it. Roasted vegetables or meat is roasted in butter and stuffed inside. Spices, red onion slivers and lime are sprinkled on top. He also intends to round off the menu off with Indian-influenced salads and wraps.

There's no name yet for the spot, and construction is to begin in late April.

Oh, and if you're in the Elkins Park area, know that Narula hopes to open another Tiffin in Elkins Park Square. The Tiffin location in Mount Airy is doing gangbusters.