Chefs Kevin D'Egidio and Michael Griffiths are looking at a Thursday, March 26 debut for helm, their locally focused American BYO. It's their debut at the helm of a restaurant, hence the name.

The spare yet comfy/casual digs - lots of wood, a turntable and plenty of rock and roll vinyl, a bookcase brimming with cookboos - are next to Taco Riendo at 1303 N. Fifth St. (215-309-2211) - that is, just off Fifth and Thompson Streets and a block above Girard Avenue in Kensington.

D'Egidio started cooking at the old Tangerine, followed by Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, Will, and Stateside. He and Griffiths met at Lacroix. Griffiths also worked at Ela, Rittenhouse Tavern, and Fork.

The guys clearly have a sense of humor. Venture into the back restroom, and check the wallpaper. It's a collection of spelling errors and typos they found over the years on kitchen labels - such gems as "friar oil," "escrow" and "ginny hen."

The blackboard menu is dictated by the availability of vegetables. Figure on low- to mid-$20s for entrees. Though it's BYOB and the food is meant to pair with wine, they also have a beer keg set up.

It's open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner.