Two weeks ago, my colleague Samantha Melamed told the remarkable story of the Lucci family, who turned personal tragedy into a plant-based food business that is gaining traction.

They're the people behind LUHV Food, a Hatboro-based manufacturer of healthful, delicious soups and a sweet-and-spicy black bean, plantain, and poblano burger that seem to sell out wherever they're sold.

In a smart bit of promotion, on Oct. 21 parents Daniel and Silvia Lucci, with son Facundo, are opening the small, reasonably priced LUHV Bistro in the storefront of their Hatboro manufacturing plant. It's at 101 N. York Rd., on the corner of Montgomery Avenue.

The bistro will sell LUHV's own products (heated as directed), as well as side salads. The minimalist decor's feature is an herb wall.

The whole menu, really a series of meal combinations, fits neatly on a board.

As in:

Initial hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.