Can you become the sixth man on the court simply by ordering food for delivery?

Delivery service Grubhub crunched its vast sets of numbers around the Villanova Wildcats' men's basketball wins this season, and it reports an interesting finding on the eve of the matchup with the University of Miami Hurricanes for a spot in the Elite 8 in the NCAA tournament.

There is such a thing as good-luck food, as Grubhub suggests.

On the 31 days when the Wildcats won, the Villanova community - as Grubhub defines the Philadelphia metro area - ordered an average of 64.7 percent more vegetable fried rice, 42.3 percent more sweet potato sushi rolls, and 37.2 percent more cheese fries than on an average day for the previous year.

GrubHub also tracked orders for the Miami community. Hurricane fans' winning-game-day indulgences were orange chicken (an average 79.3 percent rise on days when Miami won), California rolls (up 71.3 percent), and chicken parmesan (up 65.2 percent).

And eat slowly, for goodness' sakes. This is basketball, but you don't want to dribble on your shirt.