Pennsylvanians really like their Jack Daniel's, as well as Fireball, Captain Morgan, and Grey Goose.

Those brands ranked in the top five sellers, according to data from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

The top-selling hootch in 2014-15 was the 750ml bottle of Jack Daniel's Black Label, a $22.25 item. The state sold $20.2 million of it, a modest increase over the previous year.

The No. 2 spirit was Fireball, the cinnamon-flavored whiskey. The state reports sales of $17.1 million worth, a 36 percent rise over the previous year.

Pennsylvanians still have a lot of captain in them. Though year-over-year sales were down nearly 9 percent, a so-called handle of Captain Morgan spiced rum (the 1.75-liter bottle, $28.24) was No. 3 with $16.6 million sold. In the last year, Fireball sales eclipsed those of Captain Morgan.

No. 4 sends us back to Tennessee for the 1.75-liter bottle of Jack Daniel's ($43.32 at retail). Pennsylvania sold $13.8 million.

No. 5, by a whisker, was Grey Goose ($29.47 for the 750ml). The state sold $13.7 million worth.

(A recent, well-publicized survey by BARTRENDr, a social app for drinkers, called Jameson whiskey the top-selling brand in Pennsylvania. That data was based on the number of posts and photos, not in reality. Jameson barely made the top 10 in the state.)

While on the subject, here are the top-selling wines in Pennsylvania for 2014-15:

  1. Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve Chardonnay

  2. Cavit Pinot Grigio, the 1.5-liter

  3. Woodbridge Chardonnay, the 1.5-liter

  4. Barefoot Moscato, the 1.5 liter

  5. Franzia Sunset Blush, the 5-liter box of sunshine (at $15.15)

New Jersey does not track aggregate sales of alcohol.