Cast your eyes to 13th and Sansom, where El Vez and Capogiro hold forth.

'Za Vino -- yes, the concept is pizza and wine -- is coming this fall to the onetime check-cashing store at the northwest corner. (You may recall that Audrey Claire had briefly entertained opening a second spot here.)

Chef Steve Gonzalez is a Southwest Philadelphia native who worked at Brasserie Perrier early on before a stint at Vetri and many, varied sojourns in Italy, the Hudson Valley, Spain and New York City. He's aiming for a fun atmosphere. Besides pizza, his draft menu includes antipasti,  beef ravioli (with brown butter and sage), a pork chop, a cheese plate and desserts.

Ownership group includes John Dunfee, a financier who's had a stake in McFadden's and now has a piece of Union Trust, plus Bob DeBolt and restaurant consultant Greg Dodge.

Hammering is to start next week. Opening is up for Oct. 1.

Love that "'Za Vino" name. Gonzalez, who has not been around Philly for some time, says he tossed out "Antico Fumo," as in "ancient smoke."

The partners got to thinking ... and ....

Yah. Anyway.

There's more coming in that immediate 'hood. Referring to the Google map, there's 'Za Vino at the corner:

  • Next door, at 110 S. 13th St., will be a still-unnamed Mediterranean operation from Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran (Bindi, Lolita, Verde) -- see it to the immediate right of Za Vino on the street image. (Counting this spot, Za Vino and Zio's across the street, this area should be officially declared pizzaed out.)

  • Around the corner (to the left in the street image), 1309 Sansom St. is poised to become Bar, a simple operation from the owners of Time and Vintage.

  • Just yesterday, an orange liquor app was posted in the former Gene's kiddie-clothing store at 122 S. 13th St. I'll update this post when the owner -- a marketing exec -- returns my call for comment.