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Would you hire Larry Mendte?

A grass-roots effort has sprung up to get Larry Mendte hired at a local TV station.

"We, the undersigned, want to see Larry Mendte return to network news in Philadelphia," begins a petition on, a site where folks can post petitions for various causes.

The goal of "Bring Back Larry Mendte" is to get the former CBS3 anchor hired again in his hometown. (That is, after he serves the six months' house arrest; he pleaded guilty last month to snooping on former coanchor Alycia Lane's e-mails and passing along the info to the gossip pages.)

This is more than a mere petition. The organizer, identified as a Marylander named Jeff J., set it up so that with one click, it e-mails a "hire him" message to news executives at CBS3, 6ABC, NBC10, Fox29 and Comcast.

As of this morning, two weeks after its creation, the petition had attracted 32 signatures.