Friday, May 30 is the start of Philly Beer Week, which means "only" 1,000 events over 10 days.

Of course, has the round-up, and the Philly Beer Week official app will make life much simpler.

But if you're utterly confused by all the choices, we have help.

Journalist Danya Henninger has come up with the ultimate day-by-day guide to Philly Beer Week. It's here.

Oh, you want to hit the events in a particular neighborhood, you say? A guide to events in seven neighborhoods is here.

And you say you're partial to a particular beer style, and want those events? That guide would be here.

While we're at it: The Inquirer's Craig LaBan and his panel of experts sat down to rate 52 new beers by local brewers. Check out the 2014 Brew-vitational coverage here.