The results of Andrew Zimmern's May visit to the Philadelphia area reach the little screen Tuesday, Oct. 20 as the Travel Channel marks the 200th episode of Bizarre Foods (8 p.m.).

Over the course of nearly a week, Zimmern and crew visited Rieker's, the German butcher shop in Fox Chase; Zitner's candies, where he witnessed the making of Butter Krak eggs; Federal Donuts, where he sampled za'tar-seasoned chicken; Le Mandigue restaurant in Southwest Philadelphia for a taste of the immigrant communities of sub-Saharan Africa (including braised sweet potato greens loaded with cow's feet and goat); the Italian Market with chef Peter McAndrews of Paesano's; Abe Fisher and Zahav with chefs Michael Solomonov and Yehuda Sichel; and an outing to Lambertville for a look at shad fishing with Steve Meserve, regarded as the last commercial shad fisherman on the Delaware. (Most, if not all, of these locations are expected to be shown.)

During a chat in May, Zimmern said his job is to look for what he calls "the last bottle of water in the desert" - essentially stories about endangered foods and their practitioners.

The segment on Rieker's was fitting. Marcus Rieker is 40 and ably runs the family business with his mother, Ursula, since the 2012 passing of her husband, Walter, but the clientele at the shop on Oxford Avenue near Rhawn Street is aging. Even so, Rieker's hangs on to the traditions.

In this clip below, catch Zimmern sampling the lamb tongue ("Jewish bacon") at Zahav with Solomonov.

And in this clip, Zimmern joins Steve Meserve, considered the last commercial shad fisherman in the Lambertville area, enjoying "eggs and eggs": shad roe and chicken eggs cooked in a skillet.