Last Comic Standing?

Almost wasn't Conestoga High grad Todd Glass, who collapsed following a performance Friday in L.A. with Sarah Silverman and Jeff Ross.

"Best show I ever did," he said.

He told of his brush with death on Thursday's Preston & Steve show on WMMR (93.3).

For the record: "I [didn't] have the arm tingle. ... Nausea and heaviness on my chest."

One-hundred percent blockage, he reports. Had angioplasty.

Bad genetics. His mom had a heart attack. His dad, who died at 46, had a heart attack at 30.

(Though he didn't say it on the air, he's 45.)

Hopped up on Lipitor, Glass has dates booked May 7 and 8 at Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown.

Hear the audio.