Here's the rundown of the winners in the order presented at last night's big event. Congratulations to all the victors and thanks to everyone who attended and shared in the fun! Full report follows on Monday morning.

Best Breakfast or Brunch:
The Tasty

Best Sandwich / Burger:
Royal Tavern - Tempeh Club

Best Non-Food Vegan Business:
Compassion Company

Best Frozen Treats:
Franklin Fountain

Best Cheap Vegan Meal:
Triangle Tavern

Best Airport/Bus/Train Station Food:
Mi Lah - 30th Street Station

Best Dessert:
Crust Bakery

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby: Vegan Lifetime Achievement Award

Best Appetizer:
Vedge - Rutabaga fondue with soft pretzel

Best New Vegan Restaurant of the Year:
The Tasty

Best Vegan Food at Nonvegan Venue:
Royal Tavern

UPDATE 11/8: PRESENTERS AND VEGAN FOOD SAMPLING: OK, now winners have been determined and certificates are being printed. Hope you've already secured your tickets for the Philly Vegan Awards this Friday, Nov. 10. If not, you can still get the advance price through tomorrow at the American Vegan Society site. If you're still on the fence, here are some more particulars:

Our distinguished awards presenters will be:

  • Jenice Armstrong

  • Dynise Balcavage

  • Fran Costigan

  • Christina Pirello

A large part of the fun of Friday's event will be in naming the winners, but nothing makes the point about tasty, appealing vegan food as well as tasty, appealing vegan food. To that end, attendees will for the first hour of the event be able to sample 100% vegan offerings from these fine vegan-friendly sources:

  • Aya's Cafe

  • Atiya Ola's

  • Christina Cooks

  • Fran Costigan

  • Crust Bakery

  • Dottie's Donuts

  • Franklin Fountain

  • Khyber Pass

  • Love Again Local

  • Mompops

  • PS & Co.

  • Soy Cafe

  • Uncle Oogies

  • Vegan Chef Lenka

Additionally, donating non-edible materials to the event are:

  • MOM's Organic Market

  • Urban Cabin Soap Company

And of course, don't forget to be there when we honor Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby of Vedge, who have done so much pioneering work in fostering Philadelphia's growing vegan scene. See you Friday!