Jon Stewart

leveled a low blow at Camden, but the city's mayor won't take the low road in response.

On Monday's Daily Show, Stewart showed a clip of newsman Dan Rather, in camo, riding in a military vehicle in Afghanistan while describing the dangerous surroundings.

Stewart stopped the video to opine: "Actually, it looked a little bit like Camden, New Jersey, quite frankly."

Mayor Gwendolyn Faison, who leaves office Dec. 31, said she didn't see the show but noted that the topic was on everyone's lips at Tuesday's council meeting.

"If this is what I heard," Faison said, "let Camden get the same attention as Afghanistan."

How did the impoverished city, which has been under state control since 2002, make it onto Stewart's radar? He grew up in Lawrenceville, but it could be more likely that he or a staffer read a bleak piece two weeks ago in the Economist, headlined "Ungovernable?" A Daily Show rep did not reply to a message seeking elaboration.

Off pointe?

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, though the acronym has been labeled as "People Eager to Annoy." The group plans to hand out anti-fur stickers to children waiting to see the Pennsylvania Ballet's staging of

The Nutcracker

at the Academy of Music on Saturday afternoon. They're not protesting the ballet, just looking for a crowd.

The stickers, which read, "Animals Suffered to Make This Product," will be attached to leaflets explaining how animals suffer because of the fur, leather, and exotic-skins trade.

Why kids? "Children have a natural affinity for animals," PETA's Dan Mathews said in a statement. "Once they learn how animals are killed to make jackets, boots, and bags, we expect that they'll be reaching for stickers before you can say 'Sugar Plum Fairy.' "

No comment from the Sugar Plum Fairy, the ballet, or, for that matter, the Mouse King.

Earl Monroe on rebound

Philly-bred basketball legend

Earl "the Pearl" Monroe

is working with Merck on a public-awareness campaign about dining out with diabetes. The Bullets/Knicks star out of John Bartram High, who's 65 and has type 2 diabetes, is not promoting medications. The pharma company asked restaurants to create diabetes-friendly dishes, and, in an online poll at, asked people to rate them. (The winner was A Full Plate Cafe's root vegetable ratatouille with tilapia). Monroe will have lunch at the Northern Liberties restaurant today with contest winner

Mark Frankel

of Philadelphia.

The circuit

Frankie V

, who DJs for a Clear Channel-owned hit-music station in San Diego, is doing afternoons this week on sister station Q102.

Host Marc Summers shot segments for several episodes of the Food Network series Unwrapped at the Center City restaurant Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man (Tuesday), and at the Ritz East theater and Franklin Fountain (yesterday). The episodes won't hit the little screen till the second half of next year, says the Food Network.

Feed a cold and a concussion: Injured Eagles RB Brian Westbrook devoured Manhattan clam chowder, shrimp cocktail, and pan-roasted chicken while dining with RB LeSean McCoy in Wachovia Center's Cadillac Grille before the Sixers game on Monday. They watched the Philly return of Allen Iverson from courtside, as did teammate Donovan McNabb.

Speaking of Iverson: His long-unsold Villanova house was taken off the market this week, but I hear he is not planning to live there.