I like a rosé with curves, and the 2008 Sofia from Francis Ford Coppola's winery turns out to be a beauty with substance that goes well beyond its eye-catching, voluptuous bottle.

The vivid pink brew of Monterey syrah and grenache fruit inside has a refreshingly coquettish balance of sweet and tart. With a kiss of ripe strawberries cut by an herbal, floral, tea-like complexity and spice, it steps up from run-of-the-mill blush to sippable crush. It's a stylish warm-weather cure, to be sure, with an undeniably feminine appeal. For just shy of $20 a bottle, that makes it the perfect accessory to that baby shower or late-spring book group with the girls.

The 2008 Sofia rosé costs $18.99 in select Pennsylvania wine stores.

- Craig LaBan