The flute section at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts has found a crisp, new voice in a cocktail called the Crescendo Fizz, now debuting under the peaked, white catering tent.

Stephen Starr's STARR caterers has taken over that sit-down venue, and the bubbly Fizz echoes its Japanese (there's a sushi station) and Mediterranean (note the antipasti salad) theme.

A third of each flute is equal parts local Bluecoat Gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and Canton French ginger liqueur, chilled, and topped off with a bright, dry Moletto prosecco.

It's served with a clean, refreshing chip of fresh ginger and a view of the city, silent and silvery in the middle distance.

The Crescendo Fizz is $13 at the bar at the catering tent; 215- 879-4871 or

- Rick Nichols
Price update: The 2008 Estancia pinot grigio featured here on June 7 is now $14.99, not $11.99, which was the May sale price.