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Bam Margera's West Chester home, 'Castle Bam,' is going on Airbnb

Bam Margera's mom is putting Castle Bam on Airbnb. You can stay there this summer.

Bam Margera’s ‘Castle Bam’ is going on AirBnB
Bam Margera’s ‘Castle Bam’ is going on AirBnBRead moreCHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer

If you ever wanted to spend a night at Bam Margera's house, your chance is coming up soon, and you won't even have to break in naked in the middle of the night, like one woman did in 2012.

The Jackass star's West Chester home is under renovation as part of a plan to list the property on Airbnb, Margera's mother, April, said in a phone interview. She has been hard at work, rehabbing the property with a two-man crew for more than a month and hopes to list the house for rental  by early summer.

"People have been wanting to come to Bam's house, so we decided we'd put it up," April said. "It looks great on film, but the wallpaper's taken a hit, and it needed painting badly."

Known as "Castle Bam," the house at 435 Hickory Hill Rd. in West Chester was made famous on MTV's Viva La Bam in the early 2000s. Many of the show's antics took place in or around Castle Bam, and Margera even dedicated an episode to moving into the house in 2004. He promptly painted much of it purple and installed amenities including a so-called pirate bar, which is being redesigned in the renovation.

"I don't know about anybody else, but I'm over the purple," April said.

According to West Chester public records, Margera bought the house in 2004 for $1.2 million. A 2003 real estate listing for it indicates it is 4,200 square feet, has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and sits on  14 acres. Today, the property is also home to an indoor skatepark, a swimming pool, and a band practice space used by CKY, which features drumming by Margera's brother Jess.

"It's not going to look like the show set," April said of the new Castle Bam, "but there are a lot of amenities there that people might be interested in in this area."

The house has been empty since Margera and wife Nicole Boyd moved to a  house about six miles away last year in preparation for the arrival of son Phoenix Wolf. Since then, items from Viva La Bam's 40-person production team had been left to gather dust alongside items left behind by touring bands and friends who had used the house over time. Cleaning up that mess, April said, has been a large part of the renovation.

"There are 'heartagrams' all over the place, and I don't know what to keep and what not to," she said, referring to Bam's signature logo combining a heart and a pentagram, formerly used by the Finnish goth rock band HIM. The work has been so intense, April said, that she believes all the sanding and cleaning gave her laryngitis.

Still, she said her son's decision to leave the house was wise, because it wasn't "a good situation for him."

"It was almost like he was living on a show set, and the whole show left and he was left behind," she said. "I told Bam it might be a bad idea to sell it right now. He's got a little son, and he might want to see it one day. As long as you can kind of rent it out, it will help pay taxes, and that's about it."

As part of the rehabbing,  April plans to style the space with renovated furniture and decor from her business, Rose Hip Barn, which she began in 2011. Guests will be able to buy the items during their stay.

April says Margera has been staying in California, where he was arrested on DUI charges this year and later checked into a rehabilitation facility, although he was recently home for an Easter visit. In 2016, VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn detailed the skateboarder's trouble with drinking. Last year, he told Inquirer reporter Jason Nark that the death of friend Ryan Dunn in 2011 set him down a destructive path from which he has been trying to recover.

"He went to rehab, and he has embraced his sobriety," April said. "We're really proud of him. He's moving forward, and he takes it one day at a time."