Since the Flyers' news mascot, Gritty, debuted last week, the character has become a living meme for some people, and a walking nightmare for others. But to John Oliver, Gritty may just be Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's spirit animal.

Oliver weighed in on both Gritty and Kavanaugh on HBO's Last Week Tonight on Sunday, focusing on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing. But with news about Gritty being so pervasive last week, Oliver regretted that he couldn't instead spend the half-hour on the Flyers mascot, who he said looked like the result of the "McDonald's Fry Guy hooking up with Grimace," alone.

"There is nothing that we'd love to do more today than talk about Gritty all night long," Oliver said. "From the fact that he's already done a Kim Kardashian-style photo shoot, to the fact that, and this is true, someone has already gotten an actual tattoo of them on their body. Unfortunately, though, the fun we've just had must stop."

The comedian then took a look at the Kavanaugh hearing before showing the Supreme Court portrayed mostly by dogs, a segment on the show that dates back to 2014. Neil Gorsuch, however, is portrayed as a lobster because "his seat was stolen from Merrick Garland," and "like a lobster, he does not belong there," Oliver said. Kavanaugh got a similarly unkind treatment, only worse.

"Kavanaugh, if seated, doesn't even deserve that treatment — he deserves something that constantly reminds people who he is," Oliver said. "Something hostile, consistently unsettling, temperamentally unpleasant, and that screams, 'Who the f- allowed this to happen?'"

Oliver then rolled out Last Week Tonight's version of Gritty, who hit the stage in a black robe while riding on a movable judge's desk and drinking a Bud Light pounder. Flyers fans can relax, though — it wasn't the real Gritty, which the faux mascot's eyes and hair gave away immediately.

"Our Animal Supreme Court should not have to deal with this mutated carpet swatch that appears to be tweaking on bath salts," Oliver said. "I truly hope it does not come to this."

Gritty's "appearance" on Last Week Tonight comes following a busy week for the newly announced mascot. After being announced as the new team mascot last month, the character went viral thanks to strong, polarizing reactions from fans. However, with the Phanatic giving him the stamp of approval, it looks like Gritty won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

"I honestly can't remember a mascot introduced in the age of social media that didn't get some kind of backlash," Tom Burgoyne, the main inside the Phanatic for the last 30 years, told the Inquirer last week. "I actually think it's really cool-looking, and kids are going to think he's really cool."

Network TV, at least, seems to agree. Prior to Gritty being featured on Last Week Tonight, he also made a stop at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and was roasted on Saturday Night Live. Stephen Colbert, meanwhile, even created the Trash Slob, a mascot for The Late Show, in honor of Gritty.

Watch the full episode of Last Week Tonight below. Please watch at your own discretion, as the show contains profanity: