Judging by the Dock Street Brewery T-shirt that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cocreator Rob McElhenney has sported in a few episodes of the show, his character, Mac is a pretty big fan of the West Philly-based beer company.

But unlike with Chase Utley, Mac's other obsession, the crew over at Dock Street appears to love him right back. So much, in fact, that the company has brewed a beer to encourage McElhenney to pay Dock Street a visit sometime in the near future.

Dubbed "The Gang Tries to Get Mac to Come to Dock Street," the brew is a 5.5 percent alcohol milk stout that Dock Street plans to drop for It's Always Sunny's season 13 finale next week.

According to a release, 16-ounce cans of the beer will go up for sale at the brewery (701 S 50th St) starting at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Dock Street will also hold a viewing party for It's Always Sunny's season-ender starting at 10 p.m., and will remain open through 10:30 p.m. to celebrate the finale. Fans can RSVP for the event via Facebook.

"We might get a visit, we might get a lawsuit, but at least we'll be laughing," the company said via a release.

Fans who can't make it out to the brewery can order the beer via the GoPuff app. No other retailers will be carrying the It's Always Sunny tribute beer.

While Mac appears to be a Dock Street fan, he is far from the biggest drinker in the Gang, as a study from Alcohol.org showed earlier this year. The biggest drunk is actually Charlie Day's Charlie Kelly, who, across 12 seasons of the show, racked up 324 references to drugs or alcohol. Mac, meanwhile, came in second-to-last out of the group with 217 mentions in 12 seasons, followed by Danny DeVito's frank with 14 references.

Regardless of their level of drunkenness, the Gang this week returns to the Eagles' win in Super Bowl LII. The episode, titled "The Gang Wins the Big Game," follows Mac, Frank, and a few other cast members to Minnesota as they watch the Birds take down the Patriots. Charlie, who was left back in Philly on accident last week, meanwhile, holds down the fort at home. What will happen in the finale, however, is anyone's guess.

It's Always Sunny airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX. Check out a preview of this week's episode below: