It's been seven years since Rob McElhenney's character Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia began "cultivating mass" to become Fat Mac. Now, however, McElhenney has harvested like that mass like Dennis suggested to become Jacked Mac — and the change was drastic enough to get the attention of former Philly Chase Utley, Mac's celebrity crush.

Mac, of course, has been a known superfan of Utley's going back at least to season five of It's Always Sunny in 2009, when his famous fan letter to the ex-second baseman surfaced on the show. While Utley today may not be impressed with his speed like Mac had hoped in his letter, he was definitely taken by McElhenney's new physique, as an Instagram post from Utley shows:

#mcm Lookin good Mac. you’ve come a long way @robmcelhenney

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That's a big change from back in 2013, when Utley responded to Mac's initial letter after several years. That time, Utley said he was "really busy playing a lot of baseball for the Phillies," but "having a game of catch" like Mac asked in his letter "sounds like a lot of fun."

Aside from having Mac's celebrity crush reciprocated this week, McElhenney also appeared at Los Angeles' Pride Parade on Sunday, where he flaunted his abs alongside It's Always Sunny co-star Danny Devito and wife Kaitlin Olson.

McElhenney has long been a noted supporter of LGBTQ rights, and was raised partially by two gay mothers who have a domestic partnership in New Jersey, as he told entertainment reporter Greg Hernandez in 2010. McElhenney additionally has had his character come out of the closet on It's Always Sunny over the last several years, culminating officially last year in the episode "Hero or Hate Crime?"

Following photos of McElhenney at the Pride Parade going online, fans made the connection back to Fat Mac, and christened the actor's new physique "Jacked Mac":

Fat Mac, of course, is also having a moment as of late, thanks to a recent viral Instagram post in which McElhenney joked that Eagles center Jason Kelce actually played Fat Mac on It's Always Sunny, meaning he didn't need to gain any weight at all:

It's Always Sunny is currently preparing to enter its 13th season, but no air date has yet been announced. Last week, however, DeVito was spotted at the Paddy's Pub set with a cardboard cutout image of a Pennsylvania teen who took a cardboard cutout of the actor to her prom, so something is in the works.