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Here’s how the ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ crew celebrated the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory (Part I)

Charlie stars in a very special Super Bowl episode

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA — "Charlie's Home Alone" – Season 13, Episode 8 (Airs October 24, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Charlie Day as Charlie. CR:
IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA — "Charlie's Home Alone" – Season 13, Episode 8 (Airs October 24, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Charlie Day as Charlie. CR:Read morePatrick McElhenney/FXX

It was only a matter of time before the crew at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia celebrated the Eagles' big win at the Super Bowl earlier this year, and that celebration has arrived with "Charlie's Home Alone."

The episode opens on the Saturday afternoon before Super Bowl LII and the Gang is heading out of Philly to attend the game. Rather than worry about leaving town like in past episodes, Charlie is gung-ho about the trip, but can't find his signature Green Man suit, which is integral to his pre-game preparations.

Charlie also has a specific system of "color rituals" that he does prior to Eagles games, including eating "brown" in the form of lightly charred milksteak (his favorite) and drinking "yellow" in the form of beer. His rituals, Charlie believes, are the sources of the Birds' power, and he will do anything to complete them.

The gang heads off to the Super Bowl, leaving Charlie behind as he looks for his Green Man suit. While initially scary, the development serves as an excuse for a Home Alone-style montage featuring Charlie going through the Gang's houses and rummaging through their stuff. Eventually, though, he makes his way back to the bar, where he sets up a Super Bowl countdown clock and cutouts of Jason Kelce and Beau Allen.

His setup is cut short when a couple of patrons who look suspiciously like the Sticky Bandits from Home Alone approach the bar. Paranoid, Charlie decides they are burglars, and goes about setting up a maze of booby traps in a more twisted version of Macaulay Culkin's home defense in the original film. The "Battal Plan," as Charlie writes in crayon on a map of the bar, includes a heated doorknob, a nail gun tripwire, paint buckets tied to ropes, and a large bear trap.

After, of course, stepping on that bear trap, Charlie passes out and awakes to realize that the Super Bowl has started without him finishing his color rituals, but that doesn't stop him, and he begins the ritual in the form of a brown rat, which Charlie eats alive before vomiting and passing out. At least it gets the Eagles a touchdown.

The Charlie then takes on a cycle of knocking himself out in pursuit of his color rituals. Ultimately, it comes down to Charlie having to sip his own urine to "drink yellow," which requires a little extra encouragement.

That comes in the form of cameos from Kelce and Allen, who psych Charlie up to drink his own pee and continue dealing with the pain from his bear trap injury. The pair also encourages him to turn on the TV as he drags the bear trap behind him, only to tell him that there was a release button on the bottom all along.

Though, Charlie should have known that.

"You bought the trap, Charlie. I only know about the release lever because you know about the release lever," Kelce, a hallucination, says. "You get that, right?"

Charlie frees himself from the trap, only to hear Merrill Reese announce that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has the ball. In a panic, Charlie asks what changed, and Kelce tells him he needs to put his same injured leg back into the bear trap if he wants the Birds to win.

"Every single thing that every fan does, at home or at the stadium, makes a direct impact on the game," Kelce says.

With that, the episode cuts to a "To Be Continued" title card, indicating that Birds fans will likely get a second Super Bowl-themed episode next week. After all, the rest of the Gang probably had just as disturbing an experience out in Minnesota.