If you ask Macaulay Culkin, the Birds were robbed by a wet bandit at the Oscars this year.

The Home Alone star live-tweeted the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night while not watching the ceremony, instead making ramen or painting his toenails as the Oscars were announced. Best original score, however, caught his attention, going to Guillermo del Toro's fish monster/romance flick The Shape of Water.

"Actually, the best original score of the year was New England 33 — Philadelphia 41," Culkin, 37, tweeted, referring to the Eagles first-ever Super Bowl victory last month. The Oscars were held exactly a month after the Birds' big win in Minneapolis.

Who knew he was a fan? We thought he was just into pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover bands. Culkin's Pizza Underground last came to Philly in 2014, which local pizza museum Pizza Brain called "the greatest pizzachievement of all time."

Birds jokes aside, Culkin also called out Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein for their sexual misconduct scandals, writing that they were "going to come disguised as a very tall man in a long trench coat," but got stopped by security. In another joke, Culkin posted an image of a billboard with Spacey's face on it, reading "For your consideration, 'I'll do literally anything.' "

Culkin has never been nominated for an Oscar. However, Home Alone, in which he plays the lovably brutal Kevin McCallister, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1991 — for best original score. The film lost in that category to Dances with Wolves.

Today, however, Birds fans and Philadelphians in general appreciated Culkin's shoutout to this year's NFL champs: