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Viral food celebrity ‘Salt Bae’ finally made his own cheesesteak

Your fave Instagram butcher takes on the cheesesteak

Salt Bae
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Restaurateur Nusret Gökçe rose to viral fame as "Salt Bae," the meat-focused chef who sexily sprinkles salt on all his finished dishes. Now, he has finally set his sights on Philadelphia with his own version of our beloved cheesesteak.

Created at Gökçe's Miami restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Salt Bae's take on the Philly classic starts with thickly sliced pieces of marbled beef, as a recently uploaded Instagram video shows. From there, he adds caramelized onion, a melted cheese sauce of unknown type (that better not be Swiss, Nusret), and a healthy dose of fresh-cracked black pepper before piling the whole mess on a split baguette.

Naturally, the whole thing is finished off with Gökçe's trademark sprinkle of salt. Fries, it seems, are included, as is an epic cheese-pull, even though cheesesteaks aren't exactly known for that.

And, overall, it looks OK. We'd eat it, sure, but we'd also loudly mock it in the car on the way back home. As Philadelphians, that is our right.

Sure, Salt Bae's sandwich doesn't include our usual triggers, like green peppers, mushrooms, weird sauces, and other topping blunders. But, still, it seems suspect. After all, that steak is cut a little thick, and here in Philly we don't cut our rolls all the way in half to make a steak. The baguette, however, we can forgive — beloved Philly breads like Amoroso's and Liscio's aren't available everywhere, unfortunately.

But just look at that cross-section in the video. This is a steak and cheese sandwich, not a cheesesteak. However, given the 6.5 million views Salt Bae's video has racked up in the two days since it as uploaded, it doesn't seem like fans care all that much.

Gökçe himself, meanwhile, has continued his viral run in recent weeks, slicing up 24-karat gold steaks with DJ Khaled, announcing a new restaurant in Dallas, and serving steak to Donald Trump Jr. in Miami. If his schedule clears up, we're sure someone in Philly would host him to put his steak to the test in the sandwich's hometown.