Prosecco Cavit "Lunetta"

Veneto, Italy


PLCB Item No. 9596

This is the time of year to stock up on sparkling wines, and few give as many smiles per bottle as this charming Prosecco. It is bright and fluffy, and it tastes of succulently fresh orchard fruits such as Fuji apples and Anjou pears. Prosecco is a grape variety that takes its name from the Prosecco hills at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy, where most of the grapes are still grown. Prosecco prices have been climbing as demand has grown in export markets. Luckily, this brand from Cavit has been able to hold the line on price thanks to the volume of Cavit's pinot grigio sales in the U.S. It is perfect for holiday parties and toasting the new year, and makes a welcome hostess gift.

- Marnie Old

* Sale price through Jan. 6; regularly $13.99