If you've ever cracked a tooth on popcorn or gotten the kernels stuck in your teeth, consider a more smile-friendly alternative: Pipcorn.

Better still, the Englewood, N.J.-popped, hulless popcorn comes in an addictive white-truffle flavor.

- Samantha Melamed
White-Truffle Pipcorn, $5 at Essene Market, 719 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, 215-922-1146 or Pipsnacks.com

Lovely links

Grocery store salami rarely tastes right, because most industrial producers cheat the old-school hang time with shortcuts.

The salamis from Virginia's Olli Salumeria are an exception.

Crafted from heritage-breed (antibiotic-free) pigs by fourth-generation salumi-maker Oliviero Colmignoli, these links age an average of four weeks before they're ready. Early distribution through Whole Foods helped the company, founded in 2012, grow rapidly without sacrificing quality.

I love the lightly smoked, tangy Napoli link, but the cracked pepper and garlic twang of the Molise is also hard to resist once you peel back the thick natural casing and slice away. - Craig LaBan

Olli Napoli salami, $6.99 for 6 oz. at all local Whole Foods Markets.