Some pasta is just a vehicle for sauce. But Vera Pasta's kale and lemon pasta requires little more than a splash of olive oil to become a meal. Vera also makes an array of Italian standards (Abruzzi-style Sunday gravy) and not-so-standards (goat cheese, fig, and rosemary ravioli) in their West Chester kitchen. - Samantha Melamed

Vera Pasta kale and lemon, $7 for a pound at Green Aisle Grocery, 1618 E. Passyunk Ave., 215-465-1411, or at Vera Pasta, 319 Westtown Rd., Suite K, West Chester, 610-701-5400.

Chai love

A natural alternative to too-sweet chai mixes, Chaikhana Chai is micro-brewed in West Chester using loose-leaf tea, fresh ginger, vanilla beans, honey, and spices. It's served at a growing number of coffee houses in the region, and now comes in individual pouches or bottles of concentrate.

- S.M.
Chaikhana Chai Original Vanilla 16-ounce concentrate bottle, $12 at or at Kimberton Whole Foods stores