For better baking

'Tis the season to be baking cookies, and here are some tools to make the job a bit easier.

For spritz cookies: This stainless-steel German cookie press is the real deal, and pretty indestructible. It comes with 10 discs for a variety of cookies, including hearts, stars, snowmen, and wreaths.

Gebackpress, $59.99.

For sifting flour

You will have better results if you sift flour before measuring it for cookies. Try this old-school gadget like the one your grandmother used.

Mrs. Anderson's 5-cup flour sifter, $17.95.

For scooping out dough

This ice cream scoop will change your cookie-making life, easily measuring the proper amount and releasing it on the sheet. No more scraping the spoon with your finger. (This 11/2 tablespoon scoop yields a 23/4-inch cookie. Other sizes available.)

Oxo medium cookie scoop, $15.99.

All from Kitchenette, 117 S. 12th St., 215-829-4949;

- Maureen Fitzgerald