The seasoned chefs expertly chopped the onion and broccoli, and everyone got to crack a couple of eggs, without even one shell dropping in the bowl. We marveled at the transformation from liquid into golden-brown puffs that rose in the muffin tins and slid right out. Jaseena Fox proudly exclaimed: "It was my butter." When asked what they had learned, Shania Pinkney wrote that she can now "sauté, mince, chop, bake, and roast vegetables." Now, that makes our day.

- Mike Strauss,
Brenda Waber

Cristo Rey

"Quiche, what's quiche?" Destini Stanton said. Decham Thomas and Axelle Onadja said it's a pie that's savory but not sweet. It was a great afternoon, cutting up onions and broccoli into small pieces, grating cheese, and cracking a dozen eggs. It was an interesting twist to turn this casserole into mini muffins. They looked beautiful, bright yellow with green streaming through. The result was extremely positive. The only addition, the kids said, would have been ketchup to dip them into.

- Michele Taplinger, Lauren Molish

Philadelphia Montessori / Session 1

Today was a lesson in the versatility of eggs. We used brown eggs, and our students wanted to know the difference between brown and white eggs. The children learned that brown hens lay brown eggs and white hens lay white eggs, but the insides are the same. All participated in chopping, whisking, and filling the tins. Each child ate at least two muffins, and a few took some home. They were surprised that you could eat eggs for dinner.

- Ilene Miller,
Jessica Plank