We'll round up some of Philly's odd but tasty pizza options later this week at philly.com/Food, but there's one variety that faithful correspondent Drew Lazor says is on the menu for only a limited time, so get on it.

It's the head-cheese pizza at Zavino, at 13th and Sansom Streets.

You read that right: It stars head cheese - which is nothing about the cheese but all about the head of a calf and/or pig. Chef Carlos Aparicio is thin-slicing his own housemade head cheese and adding it to a pie with horseradish bechamel, fresh horseradish shavings, chopped arugula, red onion, and mozzarella.

Head over to Zavino, where it's a special only for the remainder of December.

Head-cheese pizza ($16) at Zavino, 112 S. 13th St., 215-732-2400, zavino.com