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1-2-3-4 tacos to try

Kaitlin Lunny at one of our favorite blogs, I Can Cook That, was craving fish tacos. "They pack a ton of flavor but are a healthier option than other proteins (as long as the fish isn't fried, that is). I also love how quickly you can cook them up, perfect for a weeknight dinner," she writes.

She found a neat recipe for fish tacos with lime-cilantro crema in's new cookbook: Myrecipes' America's Favorite Food Cookbook.

Here's Kaitlin's step-by-step take on the preparation, which calls for fat-free mayo and reduced-fat sour cream.

For three other tacos...

1.  We turn to Tim Spinner, chef/co-owner of Cantina Feliz and La Calaca Feliz, for a taco that uses leftover turkey - something that seems abundant this time of year. Recipe is here.

2. We might offer this recipe for grilled shrimp tacos that we got in Meals Made Easy (Real Simple Books). You skewer the shrimp and stuff them into the taco. Recipe is here.

3. We dug into our files for this recipe for tomatillo chicken tacos that calls for (yes) tomatillos - a staple of Mexican cooking. (We'll point out that its Latin name is Physalis philadelphica.) The recipe (here) is low in fat and has a real South of the Border flavor.