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Green Eggs Cafe to reopen tomorrow

Cleaned up after a rat infestation.

The Green Eggs Cafe at 13th and Locust Streets, closed since May 6 after a public infestation of rats, will reopen for business Wednesday, May 29.

Today, the restaurant demonstrated that all was clean.

Management said a damaged storm-water drain had allowed rats to gain access, and crowds of passersby noticed rats feasting on leftover pizza.

Co-owner Steve Slaughter explained the boxes of pizza: "We did that as a treat for our staff, so they didn't have to make their own staff meal," he said. "We won't be doing that again." He declined to address talk that employees had been terminated for leaving the boxes and pizza detritus behind.

Besides having the drain and foundation repaired, Green Eggs hired a professional sanitation service to clean the place.