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High on Low Country

Valerie Erwin hosts a special Low Country dinner at Geechee Girl Cafe Tuesday, May 21 to support the Southern Food Alliance, and the guest of honor is Glenn Roberts, whose Anson Mills in South Carolina pioneered the revived interest in heritage grains such as stone-ground Antebellum grits and Carolina Gold rice.

The $65 small-plate tasting menu will feature two of his newest "old" products: Sea Island purple Cape beans and incredibly aromatic barrel-aged and laurel-scented Charleston Gold rice.

Luckily for those who can't make the meal, Geechee also sells the products retail, to bring a taste of Low Country home.

- Craig LaBan
Sea Island purple Cape Beans, $7 a pound; laurel-aged Charleston Gold rice, $9.25 a pound. Geechee Girl Cafe, 6825 Germantown Ave. Information: 215-843-8113.