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Lil' Pop Shop opening on South Street

Zoning hearing is April 10.

Absolutely no sign of melting at Lil' Pop Shop - Jeanne Chang's West Philly shop that sells bold-flavored ice pops.

In fact, she's branching out and her next stop will be Fourth and South Streets.

Chang, trained in pastry at the Culinary Institute of America, has designs on 534 S. Fourth St., just off the corner, which has been Chicken.Org and Jim's Pretzels.

Assuming she gets through her zoning hearing on April 10, she expects to open the Lil' Pop Shop in early May.

She will move production from 265 S. 44th St. to the new store.

Also, she plans to start a Lil' Pop Shop food truck that will stop at farmer's markets, the Navy Yard, and possibly LOVE Park.

See this article for some background.