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Temple student wins Peanut Chews billboard contest

An ad major channels Rocky.

Andrew Arbitell of Phoenixville, an advertising major at Temple University, won a recent contest sponsored by Goldenberg's Peanut Chews to write a 10-word billboard slogan.

Arbitell, 20, came up with "Enjoyed when the Rocky steps were just steps." Arbitell learned of the candy contest from Joe Glennon, his ad prof.

The head is up on a billboard along I-95 near the Peanut Chews factory through April 28.

Besides the glory, Arbitell gets a year's supply of Peanut Chews, which company spokesman and former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski will hand-deliver in "Goldie," the brand's vintage 1967 Volkswagen Microbus.

Some Peanut Chews history is here.