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'Feliz': What's in a name

Taco Feliz is coming to Ambler.

Two years ago, Tim Spinner and Brian Sirhal opened Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington. It quickly shot to the top of many critics' best-of lists.

A year later, they followed up with the popular La Calaca Feliz in Fairmount.

In the not too distant future, they'll make it a Feliz tres-fecta with the casual Taqueria Feliz in Manayunk.

Then what do you make of a taqueria under construction at 9 N. Main St. in downtown Ambler - less than two miles from Cantina Feliz - with the name Taco Feliz?

¿Mucha confusión?

Sirhal and Spinner say they know nothing about the place and have no afflilation with it.

I tracked down the owner, Rene Hernandez, who also owns La Villa Mexican Grill in Skippack, and asked if he was famiiliar with at least Cantina Feliz.

"Never heard of it," he replied, adding that "Feliz" (meaning "happy") "is a very common [restaurant] name in Mexico." His corporation is registered with the commonwealth as Taco Feliz LLC.

Hernandez said he expects to open in three or four weeks. Hernandez, meanwhile, will have competition pretty much from the start, as El Limon - the Conshohocken taqueria - is about to open a second location around the corner from Taco Feliz at 38 E. Butler Ave.