Champ's Diner, a North Philly brunch spot and weekend favorite among hungry (and often hungover) college students at Temple University, reopened Friday morning after an Uber hit the property's security gate Wednesday night and caused the diner to close temporarily.

"An Uber driver had a medical situation and passed out at the wheel traveling eastbound on Cecil B Moore Ave. and crashed into the front gate," said Champs' owner Jimmy Yang. "We're now busy trying to clean up and make it safe for our patrons."

The crash occurred at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. The restaurant was closed at the time. The site has been taped off and branded with an orange warning sign. Earlier that day, the restaurant was open for service.

Unclear was the extent of the damage — although the Department of Licenses and Inspections cites unsafe structure and unsafe exterior condition — or the time in which it reasonably can be fixed, but the building owner must repair any damage in 30 days. According to Champs, the diner would hopefully reopen the next day.

Visible damage appeared to be a broken chunk of Champ's metal cover, which rested on the pavement outside of the building.

"This poster serves as a notice to you that the Department of Licenses and Inspections has determined that these premises [are] in violation and unsafe pursuant to property maintenance code section PM-108," the violation reads.

Champ's posted a notice of the closing Wednesday night on an Instagram post, alerting followers:

The diner reopened for service Friday morning.