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Eggnog cheesecake with rum-spiked whipped cream

Ramona Susan's Bake Shop in Fishtown offers a variety of holiday treats.

Eggnog cheesecake from Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop.
Eggnog cheesecake from Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop.Read moreBETTY HALPENNY

At Ramona Susan's Bake Shop in Fishtown, which bills itself as "Philadelphia's tiniest bakery," the shelves are filled with holiday treats every December: cherry cordial cream pies, gingerbread loaves, Christmas cookies. This year brought the return of eggnog cheesecake, a light, smooth dessert infused with the flavors of nutmeg and rum.

The cheesecake is layered over a moist graham-cracker crust that has just a hint of salt. The cheesecake is flavored with eggnog, bakery co-owner Betty Halpenny said. Most of the rum taste is baked out, she said, making for a mild, smooth bite. The cake is topped with an airy, rum-spiked whipped cream icing that provides a tangy contrast, almost like taking a sip of spirit-warming eggnog alongside the dessert.

The cheesecakes are sold in miniature sizes in the bakery case, alongside the bakery's regular offerings, like cupcakes, butter cake, brownies, and other cheesecake varieties. Nine-inch cheesecakes also are available; preordering is recommended.

Eggnog cheesecake, $6.50, Ramona Susan's Bake Shop; 1255 Marlborough St.; 215-203-1980;