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Eat and drink your way to Christmas with edible advent calendars

Advent calendars can be more than just pictures: this year's crop includes some with candy, tea and even alcohol.

Lindt and English Tea Shop Advent calendars.
Lindt and English Tea Shop Advent calendars.Read moreTOM GRALISH

Advent calendars have moved far beyond offering pictures or small toys hidden behind doors. This year, the days of December can be counted down using candy, cheese, tea, and even alcohol.

Calendars are available that feature treats like Haribo gummy candy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Kisses. One of the largest and most elaborate is made by the Swiss company Lindt: It includes 31 assorted chocolates in different shapes, packaged in a colorful box with a Christmastime scene.

Alcoholic advent calendars also abound, such as a "12 nights of wine" calendar made by online retailer Vinebox, and a 12-beer calendar from gift site Give Them Beer.

For nonimbibers, the English Tea Shop is selling a calendar with 24 individual sachets tucked into little boxes. The teas come in cozy, festive flavors like "candy cane" and "gingerbread man." — Allison Steele

Lindt and English Tea Shop advent calendars, $32 and $34.99 on Amazon.