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Made from almonds, juices that taste like lemonade or piña coladas

A South Jersey entrepreneur has expanded to sell his almond drinks in La Colombe.

Origin Almond cold-pressed juices.
Origin Almond cold-pressed juices.Read moreALLISON STEELE

South Jersey entrepreneur Jake Deleon has been selling his line of almond-based drinks online and at farmers' markets for years. Now, thanks to a partnership with La Colombe, Philadelphia customers have the chance to try his cold-pressed juices and milks, which are sold in the refrigerators alongside cans of draft lattes and other beverages.

Origin Almond's plant-based drinks are made by extracting the liquid essence of organic almonds, then adding fruits, nutrients, and seasonings. The drinks are low-sugar, vegan, raw, keto-, and paleo-friendly. Flavors include ginger and turmeric "golden-mylk," which tastes of warm spices and has a cool, milky texture; lemon-ginger-flavored juice that tastes like spicy lemonade; a green juice; a black charcoal flavor; and a Thai coconut "piña colada" that tastes like a light, refreshing version of the frozen drink.

The drinks, which are also available at Cherry Hill and Center City Whole Foods stores, can be found at the Fishtown and Independence Square branches of La Colombe. — Allison Steele

Origin Almond juice, $5.50 at La Colombe, 1335 Frankford Ave.; online at