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Reese's claps back at rumors it's going away

Your Reese's cups are here to stay.

Reese’s is having fun with the rumor.
Reese’s is having fun with the rumor.Read moreReese's

Don't panic.

Despite the widespread rumor making the rounds on social media and the web, the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup will not be discontinued.

A now-debunked post indicated that the candy would be discontinued in October 2017 due to new versions and a decline in sales.

For days, the Reese's Twitter and Facebook timelines have been inundated with bereft chocolate and peanut-butter cup lovers posting desperate messages in an attempt to confirm the news.

Reese's, marketed by the Pennsylvania-based Hershey Company, took to social media to reassure its 12 million Facebook and 250,000 Twitter followers that the treat is here to stay.

So, those of you who were stocking up on Reese's by the carton can slow down. Unless, of course, you like them that much.