Citrusy server

This lovely, lemon-y tray has a Provençal feel and a decoupage design, perfect for serving lemonade and pate sucree (or Napoleons) on the veranda, patio, deck, front porch - even the breezeway.

Decoupage Wooden Lemon Tray. $39.95. Available at Sur La Table locations and

- B.Z.

Can't be too rich

The first word that came out of our tasters' mouths after sampling Heritage shortbread was "butter." These cookies stretch the meaning of rich. Made from a family recipe using all natural ingredients and no trans fats. They come in boxes with 8, 18 or 30 pieces, as well as a tin with 12 pieces.

Heritage Shortbread. $9.95-$24.95. Available from and at the English Gardener Gift Shop, 1 Mechanic St., Haddonfield.

- Barry Zukerman

Looks sharp, and is

This sharp-looking Santoku knife is forged of premium German steel and has a nonstick coating that prevents food from sticking. It's ideal for precision cutting and thinly slicing vegetables.

Kuhn Rikon Noir Forged 6-inch Santoku Knife. $60, available from

- B.Z.