Fusion groove

As we rev up for Philly Beer Week in early June, it's also worth casting a glance toward one of the best beer lists in South Jersey, at Cork. This Westmont survivor has grown a serious brew list in recent years, with 20-plus bottles and 15 taps ranging from Chimay "Cinq Cent" to Germany's Weihenstephan pilsner.

But Cork's kitchen, headed by chef Sae An, has also made serious strides since its initial lukewarm review five years ago. Aside from lowering entree prices into the neighborhood-friendly teens, An has found his fusion groove with Korean-themed tacos, Asian-flavored short ribs over jalapeno-cheddar grits, and my favorite - this crispy flatbread topped with the Chinatown fixins for Peking duck, with crispy skin and savory meat strewn amid crunchy green scallions over a grilled pizza dough smeared with hoisin. I'll crack open a Hitichino Nest White Ale, and drink to that.

- Craig LaBan
Peking duck flatbread, $12, Cork, 90 Haddon Ave., Westmont, 856-833-9800; www.corknj.com