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Tastykake’s original pies are back — now with more fruit

Spurred by complaints from loyal customers, Tastykake has brought back the original recipe for its baked pies.

A few flavors of Tastykake's "classic recipe" baked pies.
A few flavors of Tastykake's "classic recipe" baked pies.Read moreALLISON STEELE

Tastykake pie enthusiasts, your complaints have been heard. Hoping to appease its most hardcore fans, the company has relaunched its baked pies with a classic recipe that also includes more fruit.

Over the years, the company made small tweaks to the pies, representatives said. Those changes led to an outcry from some longtime pie lovers who claimed that with flimsy crusts and half-filled pies, the treats just weren't the same as they used to be.

The new pies, released last week, also include 15 percent more fruit. They are available in all the regular flavors: apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, lemon, Tasty-klair, and coconut creme, as well as seasonal varieties like French apple, pumpkin, and pumpkin cheesecake. Look for a red starburst on the box that says "Classic recipe" or "Now with more fruit!"

— Allison Steele

Tastykake baked pies, $3 for two at Wawa stores and available at all major retailers;